Providing AI-based Prediction of Stroke Outcome

We are looking for Master students!

Project 1: Deals with longitudinal Big Data of (not only) stroke patients.

Project 2: Deals with 3D imaging of multiple modalities of stroke patients.

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We are looking for Master students!


Each year more than 800.000 people suffer an ischemic stroke in Europe alone.

Personalized treatment strategies are not available and digital opportunities are notĀ sufficiently exploited.

We develop AI-based clinical decision support (CDS) to assist the treating neurologists in treatment stratification.


Our cutting-edge AI models will enable predictive prognostics for stroke treatment stratification.

We combine clinical data, imaging data and blood flow simulation to provide a personalized assessment of stroke outcome.

The results will be displayed in a simple way tailored to the clinical setting and explainable AI will ensure maximal safety.


With our AI solutions we will save the lives of stroke patients by personalizing stroke treatment

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We are an interdisciplinary team of stroke experts, AI-engineers, researchers and developers dedicated to advance stroke treatmentĀ 

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